Get It Together !

Yesterday I witness the most childish tantrum coming from an Adult.

As most you know , I am a single mom. So every so often I hear from my childs father consistently for a few days or weeks, but this time it ended up with him needing something and I simply said no .

Welp he didn’t like that and I ended up being every name under the sun.

Good thing I know who I am right.

Having a kid does not make you a parent . Handling the responsibilities of raising a child is what makes you a parent and if you can’t do that then your name is nothing more than just a name on the child’s birth certificate.

I use to say to myself that I’ll never understand how someone can purposely choose to not be apart of their child’s life until I realized that I’m right .

I’ll never understand, Im not built to understand.

I was built to nurture, protect and guide my child .

You have two options when you become a parent . You can be there or you can be out  . If you choose to be out dont think its a open door policy to where you can come and go whenever you please.

Don’t think you can constantly disrespect the other parent and believe when you call their phone they’re expecting to answer simply because you’re the child’s mother or father .

No one has to put up with your crap . No matter who you are .

Being an adult comes with adult decisions .Dont blame  others for  your issues and don’t blame others for the choices YOU decided to make as an adult.

Get it Together and save the drama for your mama.


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