Me Time



You hear the saying ” your kids come first” quite often right ?

But what about you ?

As parents, we devote our lives and time in making sure our children are  great and have everything they could ever want and need ,that we often forget about ourselves.

I’m a young mom with a lot on my plate and stress seem to always be lurking around the corner . So last year I made a promise to myself that I would take a little more time for me and treat myself .

Im simple so I would go get some food or sit out to eat by myself without having to worry about sharing. Drop Nova off at my dads so I can go get my nails and feet done without feeling rushed , or go see a movie by myself .

At first I would feel guilty about taking time out for myself or get buyers remorse everytime I would get myself something because my life was and still is wrapped around my daughter.

I’ve just  learned to  balance it out now and its the best decision I’ve ever made .

I don’t just do it for me , I do it for Nova as well . Your energy rubs off on your kids and I noticed my energy and stress was rubbing off on her , and that’s something I never want to happen again.

So parents take some time for you , its okay.

Every parent needs “me time”.

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