Repeat Offender

If you know me then you probably know that  I have quite the mouth.

I don’t intentionally  swear on purpose , it just comes out sometimes like if Nova spills something I’ll say ” Dammit” , or I’ll be on the phone and say “oh sh*t”,  or even have a little road rage and will say “a**hole”, and before I know it a couple days later my child is a repeat offender.

Everyone on occasion says “b****” but women say it more especially around their best friends some even refer to them as “b****” in the most non offensive way.  Nova’s Godmother is my best friend and when we get together  I often say  “hey b****”  , well I said  it so much that Nova thought her name was “B****”.

It took us both a while to realize because she was only one  so her words were not as clear as they are today. So I asked her what was her Godmothers name was and indeed she said “b****” and pointed directly at her.  I got that nipped real quick , definitely couldn’t have her going around saying that any longer.

Toddlers will have you going a little bit crazy sometimes so I’m quite sure every parent has at least threaten their kids at least  once or twice not really meaning it . You just say it so they can stop doing whatever it is that they’re not suppose to be doing. I just so happen to tell Nova that I’m gonna “beat her a**” .

Welp that backfired a few weeks ago when my sister and her boyfriend were playing and he pushed her so Nova ran up to him , hit him on his leg and said ” I’m gonna beat your a**” then a few days later I pick her from daycare and her teacher tells me that she’s telling all the kids that she’s gonna”whoop their a**”

Now Nova has gotten extremely better about knowing which words she can and can’t say and yes I still swear but definitely not as much as I use to. Nova even keeps me on my toes when I swear and will tell me “Dont say that mommy”. She also starts school in the fall so I’m trying my best to watch what I say, even spelling a few words .

Kids will say somethings that will shock you but most likely that got it from you or from someone close to them. I’m no perfect parent and neither are you, The beauty of having kids is that you grow together and they might just end up teaching you something.


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