Pick a Struggle

I need every parent to pick a struggle.

You’re either gonna be mad that someone showed up to your kid’s party without a gift or you’re gonna be mad that they didn’t show up at all.

I choose the struggle of being mad that you didn’t come versus the gift.

Why ?


I had one mom super mad at me last year for not coming to her daughters party and it wasn’t until I through Nova’s party later that year that I fully understood where she was coming from .

Parties for kids are costly and time consuming. I did save a lot of money for Nova’s party because of the store I went to but the total cost still ended up being around $600 . Every kids is counted into the part cost so not only is not coming rude its inconsiderate of my time and my money.

Not to mention I was too busy hosting to get pictures so she won’t even have pictures to refresh her memory.

Now gifts are great but I honestly think it’s the least important part of the party or any function that involves gifts.  Some people are “moochers” and they come, they eat, they leave but not everyone has the finances to gets gifts and if they do get a gift on a tight budget you’ll complain about them being cheap .

The same way I feel about gifts at a birthday party is the same way I feel about them at weddings and Christmas.

I work weddings on the side and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the gift table empty or there was only a few people there and the guest count was 150 plus . Are you gonna go off on all the people you invited to your wedding because they didn’t bring a gift or are you gonna be thankful that you didn’t waste thousands of dollars because they didn’t show up.

Christmas is the same , we as parents go all out for our kids for the holidays getting them all that they ask for. Do you get mad at your sister or bestfriend because they didn’t get your kid anything? Or are you happy that the family is all together.

It’s a double standard when you teach your kids that gifts are important on their birthday but try to tell them that Christmas is not all about gifts .

So if your one of those double standard parents please, keep the same energy that you  have about birthday gifts for all things involving gifts .

If your not gonna keep the same energy then don’t get upset when your kid throws a whole tantrum and embarrassed you  because they didn’t get a gift for something when you’re the one that taught them gifts were the only thing that matters.

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