It’s Their World & We’re Just Living In It

My Sour Patch kid is running the show.

I always thought people were over exaggerating the terrible twos and always said to my self “it can’t be that bad” . Welp it’s that bad and my kid has drove me bat shit crazy for the past year .

Now Nova is very polite and very well mannered. She will say please and thank you, your welcome and bless you when you sneeze and ask you “are you okay ? “when you cough . But the moment she doesn’t get her way, all hell breaks loose . I’ve had a friend tell me to duct tape her to the wall once and I won’t lie I thought about it but figured it would be too much of a hassle to get her down .

Nova cries so much these days that when I’m in the shower and she’s sleep , I will peep my head out the curtain or leave the shower all together because I think I heard her cry.

You know that saying “your kids are a reflection of you” ? Well I’m a huge drama queen and Nova gets it honest . She will fall out in the most dramatic ways and will cry foreverrrrrrr. I’m thankful that most of her tantrums happen at home but we have had some in the store . I’ve gotten the “shut your kid up ” stares and the ” WTF” stares but hey what can you do . We live in a day in age that a smack on your child’s hand is looked at as abuse .

No one warned me about this stage , I’ve been winging it so far and I think I’m doing okay . Apparently the threes are worse and she will be three in May . Might have to go down to my local Specs and stack up on some wine .

I’m kidding!

Let’s be honest, terrible two’s and handling a toddler in general is ALL about survival. They’re gonna test us , push us and drive us absolutely insane .

Give yourself a pat on the back and round of applause because you made it through the day .

Parenting is hard work and you have to learn how to give yourself credit .

Now go to bed because if your kid is anything like my kid they will be up at the crack of dawn ready to do it all over again.

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