Bringing Sexy Back

Feeling like you’ve lost your groove and your sexiness .Don’t worry you’re not alone, I found myself trying to get my groove back and I’m only 23.

You’ve given birth to these beautiful human beings but no one tells you they suck the life out of our sexy.

Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter but I felt and looked like absolute shit for a while ,I dressed decent but not like before.

My birthday was coming and although I’ve never been the “going out” type person , I knew I wanted to turn alllll the way up for my 23rd. So I got a cute ass dress from Fashion Nova , got my hair done from the same Miracle slayer that has  been doing my hair for the past 5 years and turned shit all the way up. Now I’ve never been drunk a day in my life but let’s just till this day I still don’t know how I got up 3 flights of stairs.  From that point on I had found my sexy .I started buying clothes that I would have never worn a year ago and really just started  feeling myself.

I feel confident in the woman I am and how I look and will tell you to shove something down your throat if you say other wise.

When you become a mom  you might start to feel like you shouldn’t wear this or you shouldn’t do that and get the side eyes when you do  .

So ask them do they need to go get their eyes check because being a mom doesn’t mean you need to look 10 times older than what you are.

Go hang out with your friends, get sexy for your man or yourself and go have fun.

The night is always young.

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