Dating with a kid(s)

As you all know I am single mother and when I say dating is hard , it’s sooooo hard .

You’ll meet someone and your like okay he/she has potential , then they turn out to be the complete opposite of what you thought. Now you’re back at square one .

There’s this stigma that drama comes with dating a single parent and that’s just simply not true . Everyone has drama some just have more than others so when you get involved with someone that doesn’t have a kid, keep the drama that you have to a minimum. I know it might be easier said than done but  you just met them no need to rattle their minds with it and let’s be honest ,you’ll end up scaring them off.

Take your time introducing them to your kid(s) especially if they’re young, my daughter is 2 so she gets attached to people really quickly . You don’t want to introduce your kid to every person you meet all for them to leave , now you’re stuck answering questions you don’t have the answer to.

Also, don’t babysit “situationships”, you’re just asking to be hurt. Dating with a kid is already hard so, don’t make it harder by hanging on to something you know is not gonna work. Be sure to steer clear of the ones that can’t understand that you don’t always have free time too and don’t be afraid to cancel ;shit happens.

Don’t think because you have a kid you can’t put yourself out there, we just have to have caution when we do.  So go on that date, go have that drink and enjoy yourself. I believe there’s love out there for everyone, our King or Queen is just not ready yet.


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