First time parent & Unsolicited advice

I’m sure you have lots of questions and have received tons of advice that you didn’t ask for. I wish I could say it ends here but it doesn’t in fact it gets worse .

The older your kid gets the more opinions people have .  I’m sure you just wanna duct tape their mouths shut or even say “You think you can raise my kid better ?” but you refrain from it.

There’s nothing like your first kid . I’ve nicknamed mine the Sourpatch Kid . Why? Because the terrible twos are kicking my ass and there’s no in between with her , she’s either sweet being all nice to me and telling me she loves me or she’s sour as spoiled milk throwing a fit on the floor because I won’t give her my phone. You’ll make plenty and I do mean plenty of mistakes as a FTP you’ll also freak out about a lot in the beginning to . For instance, their first fever or their first scratch oh and let’s not forget the first time they get constipated and you gotta smoother their booty with Vaseline to help them get it out. I damn near vomited on my kid.

I promise it gets easier as they get older . My daughter is only 2 and I don’t even jump when she falls . Not because I don’t care but because she’s a huge drama queen and I know she’s okay . You know your children better than anyone ,so to hell with the people that will tell you all this mumbo jumbo BS . Follow and trust your instincts and if anyone hasn’t told you, I’ll tell you. I think you’re doing great .

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